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More about me...

My name is Tim Stradling, and I live just outside Philadelphia, PA in the USA. I've been a fan and started collecting Alice Cooper items in 1986. Figuring that a web page might bring about more interest in trading, I quickly took a crash and burn course in messy HTML and here we are.

I first was introduced to Alice's music, by of all people, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister. I was an impressionable tyke in 85 or so at their peak and in so many interviews Dee mentioned Alice as his biggest influence and always spoke so highly of him. I wandered into my older brother's room and picked out Love It To Death and School's Out. I was hooked. I soon forgot about my Twisted Sister fascination and moved full on to Alice obsession.

My favorite era of Alice's career is without a doubt the original band. There was such a magic with Michael, Neal, Glen and Dennis that he hasn't ever come close to replicating. My favorite album is Billion Dollar Babies, my favorite song is My Stars. It may sound like it's a psychotic obsession, but it's not. I'm not waiting on his doorstep or anything, I just really love the music, the mystique, and the legend that is Alice Cooper.

Alice and Star Wars. All is right with the world.

And now a moment of human interest...

I'm vegan. Why? Email me if you're interested.