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Hello Alice Cooper fan!
I don't update this page much anymore, as you can likely tell if you look around a bit or have come back. I get some new stuff in, but the level of response I got from Alice fans wasn't enough to warrant keeping the page up. I made a lot of friends collecting Alice stuff, and I still trade with some of them. If you're looking for new stuff, email me, I'll whip up a list if you've got something good. My primary interest is original band. If you've got original band stuff that's not listed I want to hear from you!

Welcome to the Trading Post! In these pages you will find lists of my video and audio items available for trading. I have been compiling my collection for years and enjoy trading with other fans. These items are at the least hard to find, and some are very rare. I have traded with numerous people on SickThings (the now defunct Alice Cooper discussion list) and can provide references if necessary.

        No High Speed Dubbing or Noise Reduction (Dolby or otherwise) is used.

        Please do the same.

        All tapes are High Bias (Type II) audio or Extra High Grade videotape.

        I expect the courtesy of receiving new (unused), comparable grade tapes.

        Higher grades are available if requested.

        All trades within the USA are sent via USPS Priority Mail.

        Trades from other countries are welcome.

        All video is available in NTSC format only.

        I accept just about anything Alice related that I do not already have in trade for these pieces. For example; magazines, books, pins, patches, posters, clippings, photos, tour books, concert merchandise, promo items, etc. and of course, audio and video.

        I do not accept trades for blanks. I would be buried with requests - sorry.

I cannot sell any of my items, as I would feel more like a bootlegger than a fan. This is a hobby of mine, not a commercial venture.

IMPORTANT: Please inquire to the quality of all video and audio that you are interested in!

      I am in no way connected to Alice Cooper or his management.